Quality Management System

Advanced Cleaning Services has developed a fully comprehensive Quality Management Systems (QMS) that ensures all services performed on site can be tracked and monitored. Advanced Cleaning Services ensures that compulsory Food Safety Standards pertaining to hygiene and sanitation are met and delivered on a daily basis.

Leading the way with our BARLOG computerized system:

In order to stay ahead Advanced Cleaning Services has in association with BARLOG developed a computerized scanning sign off system, which can be placed on site in addition to and to compliment the documented cleaning sign off register.

  • Each piece of equipment and areas are labelled with a unique bar code
  • Equipment and areas are scanned after cleaning and information is automatically downloaded onto a computer
  • Current status, time, date, electronic signature is recorded at the point of inspection by a single press of a button
  • Enforced compliance with inspection schedules
  • No illegible writing or transposition problems
  • Credible data – no fabricated records
  • No lost records or missing paper at the time of audits
  • Instantaneous corrective actions and routine follow ups
  • Up to date plant status, trends, and audit data available for management review and audit requirements
  • Evaluation of the system from anywhere with a dial up connection. QA managers can evaluate cleaning efficacy, PRP’s, and HACCP records from any location. Ideal for multi plant organizations.